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Computer-based Program to Enhance National Animal Disease Management and Control Underway

I wrote this article during my stay at the Bureau of Animal Industry as Program Specialist. This article tackles about the innovative response of the bureau to address the problem in reporting and its consolidation from local to the national level. With this strategy, the monitoring and surveillance of animals and animal diseases become easier … Continue reading

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Prolonged Storability of Marang Studied

I am not familiar with marang, in fact its my first time to hear about it. But i glad with this kind of job – I am exposed to many people who are open to share their knowledge. After reading a lot of references or literature about marang – i can somehow say now, yes … Continue reading

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Drip irrigation: Addressing the “thirst” in agriculture

  The Philippines is currently being beset by El Niño episodes causing rivers and dams to run out of water. Farms are withering resulting to tremendous damage of almost all crops planted and harvested during the first and second quarter of this year. Aside from the alarming issues of climate change, studies show that the … Continue reading

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Offering multi-benefits to farmers and environment through vegetable agroforestry

Vegetables are important sources of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants essential in combating the most common and even life-threatening illnesses and diseases. This might be the reason, why vegetable consumption is continuously increasing over the years. The trend of changing in lifestyle among Filipinos has opened many opportunities such as more … Continue reading

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BAR levels up on Bt corn to avert common misunderstandings

Generally, the introduction of new technology raises apprehensions that could center on the idea of risks. This was dramatized in the case of Bt corn. When it was first introduced in the country, there were only two reactions observed – guarded skepticism and/or outright rejection. However, instead of being reactive, the government together with the … Continue reading

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SSNM corn crop survives despite dry spell in Isabela

Isabela is the country’s top producer of corn but with the current dry spell affecting the country specially the province, corn production is expected to drastically decrease this harvest season. In an interview to Dr. Danilo Tumamao, Isabela provincial agriculture officer said that, more than 90,000 of the 130,000 hectares of corn farms in the … Continue reading

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BAR promotes ready-to-use technologies in 2010 Technology Partnering forum

  Dr. Primitivo Santos of IPB-UPLB explains to Ms. Luli Arroyo on SNAP Hydroponics during her visit to the BAR booth during the PTTC Exhibit. (photo by eagron) In line with its mission to improve the livelihood of the Filipino farmers through the use of productivity-enhancing and sustainable technologies, the Bureau of Agricultural Research participated … Continue reading

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BAR-Optiserve prepare on full activation of E-Pinoy FARMS for fisheries

To efficiently attain the goals of agribusiness development and improve the national performance of agriculture and fisheries in the country, the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) has adopted and is promoting a computer-based decision support system (DSS) known as e-Pinoy FARMS to systematize the management and coordination of rural development projects anchored on research, development … Continue reading

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BAR joins APAARI experts’ consultation on biopesticides and biofertilizers in Taiwan

  As a member of the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) participated in the “Expert Consultation on Biopesticides and Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture” held on 27-29 October 2009 in Taichung, Taiwan. Representing BAR was Assistant Director Teodoro S. Solsoloy. The expert consultation workshop is organized by APAARI … Continue reading

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BAR promotes SNAP hydroponics for wider adoption

Given its commitment to help Filipino farmers and the urban poor families in improving their incomes, the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) is promoting the technology on Simple Nutrients Addition Program (SNAP) hydroponics in Metro Manila and various provinces in the country for wider adoption and utilization. This technology which is being promoted as a … Continue reading

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Global trends in food industry highlighted at PAFT 48th Annual Convention

  Defense Secretary Gilbert C. Teodoro, guest speaker during the PAFT Convention, visits the BAR booth and graces a photo op with BAR staff members from TCU, IRU and ACD. To reassess the Philippine food industry in view of the worldwide economic recession and new international food safety regulations vis-à-vis to the global trends of … Continue reading

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BAR highlights promising UPLB-Limno technology to save endangered fish species

  As part of the overall agenda of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to produce the harvest in agriculture and fisheries and to conserve resources in the natural environment from where farms and fishery enterprises depend on the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), in partnership with NBN Channel 4’s Mag-Agri Tayo, documented a promising technology … Continue reading

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Mitigating measures against pathogenic fungi in onion intensified

  Following the detection of another plant pathogenic fungus in onion causing the anthracnose disease, Secretary Arthur C. Yap instructed concerned agencies of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to intensify mitigation measures and make the necessary actions to prevent further damage to onion industry. The detection of the fungal pathogen, Gibberella moniliformis, in onion was … Continue reading

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Role of IP for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products highlighted in a seminar

  Atty. Elizabeth R. Pulumbarit (left inset), legal counsel of the UP Manila, serves as the resource speaker for the 6th BAR Seminar Series held at DA-BAR. Providing knowledge on the basic and salient features of intellectual property rights (IPR) and its role for the sustainability of research and development (R&D) in the country particularly … Continue reading

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Scientists identify two anthracnose pathogens attacking onions

  Initially Colletotrichum gloeosporioides was the only causal agent of anthracnose identified in onion. However, another causal agent called Gibberella moniliformis was discovered. anthracnose showing twisting symptoms This is the first report of two pathogens attacking onions at the same time said Dr. Ronaldo T. Alberto of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) and Dr. … Continue reading

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