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Prolonged Storability of Marang Studied

I am not familiar with marang, in fact its my first time to hear about it. But i glad with this kind of job – I am exposed to many people who are open to share their knowledge. After reading a lot of references or literature about marang – i can somehow say now, yes … Continue reading

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Six new high yielding corn varieties resistant to corn diseases developed

Researchers from the University of Southern Mindanao (USM) have developed six new high yielding white corn varieties resistant to stalk rot and ear rot diseases. Stalk rot and ear rot are the most serious and widespread corn diseases that can cause severe crop damage and yield losses to farmers. Stalk rot, manifested by premature plant … Continue reading

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New promising peanut breeding lines from ICRISAT identified

  Based on the results of the national projects evaluation conducted at BAR on 15 December 2009, the ICGV 00350, ICGV 01376 and ICGV 99046 are the dominant breeding lines identified for peanut. As a result of the continuous collaboration between the Bureau of Agricultural Research and the International Crop Research Institute for the Semi … Continue reading

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BAR promotes important uses of indigenous herbs and spices

  Oregano (Coleous aromaticus Benth) is an unobtrusive plant usually found in the backyard of houses in the provinces. However, this ordinary indigenous plant has extraordinary potential for culinary and medical applications. A study conducted by Dr. Estela C. Taño of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Quezon Agricultural Experiment Station (QAES), oregano contains essential elements … Continue reading

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BAR to launch two SPG-funded R&D Books on vegetables and cassava

  Photo by EAGRON As part of the continuous effort of the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) to strengthen the country’s agriculture research and development (R&D), two more books will be launched on 9 October 2009 during the bureau’s National Research Symposium (NRS) to be held at Fernando Lopez hall, Bureau of Soil and Water … Continue reading

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Promoting pigeon pea coffee as a nutritious alternative beverage explored

  Pigeon pea coffee is noted for having a strong As agriculture research and development (R&D) continuous to discover and rediscover potential agricultural crops like pigeonpea, a lot of nutritious products are also developed. Pigeon pea, locally known as kadyos, functions as both food and forage crop. It is also used as cover crop for … Continue reading

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NSIC to certify Asha seeds

Photo by Rita T. dela Cruz The Field Legume Varietal Improvement Group, the technical working group evaluating peanut seeds, is now recommending Asha peanut for certification after passing a series of testing and strict evaluation by the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC), this was revealed by Ms Rosemary Aquino in an interview. Ms. Aquino is … Continue reading

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Results of SSNM on-farm trials highlighted during first national review

  To consolidate and review project outputs, identify operational constraints encountered and find recommendable solutions, and plan upcoming activities for the next cropping season, the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) with partners from DA-GMA Corn, BSWM, UPLB, and SEAP- IPNI, conduct the first National Review and Planning Workshop on Site-Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM) for Maize. … Continue reading

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Experts develop virus resistant abaca cultivars

Photos courtesy of FIDA Shoot tips of ‘Abuab’ (left) and ‘Inosa’ (right) cultivar showing the meristematic bud formation after two weeks of incubation. Abaca (Musa textile Nee) is a banana-like plant recognized for its strong fiber which is known worldwide as Manila hemp. However, through the years, the abaca viral diseases-bunchy-top virus (ABTV), abaca bract … Continue reading

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