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My Leafy Writing Experience

It all started with the loud courage, “the only asset that I have”. When I tasks to cover my first beat – the seminar series on “climate change” it took me a galloon of sweat and a month long of sleepless nights constructing my one-page news report. This experience pushed me to give extra effort … Continue reading

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The 2011 Challenge – My Attitude

The challenge to me now is how I am going to convert those failures into an opportunity window for success. Probably you can say it’s very simple, learned from your failures – yes I know that long time ago but it doesn’t work, I even call it “Tuition Fee” because just like students have to pay tuition fees to get to school to learn. I want to add to that formula, that aside from learning from it, our “attitude toward everything matters the most” because it fuels our mind and our emotions. This 2011 I want to rule over myself – my attitude. Continue reading

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Eagron Found New Box

As a result of the “outrageous issues” contaminating the box where I was before. All contractual fellows were terminated. There were issues about “tot, tot” (censored) that affects the management of the box. However, the act of terminating was obviously covered by simply disguising as part of the “transition processes” which is according to them … Continue reading

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