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Eagron Found New Box

As a result of the “outrageous issues” contaminating the box where I was before. All contractual fellows were terminated.

There were issues about “tot, tot” (censored) that affects the management of the box. However, the act of terminating was obviously covered by simply disguising as part of the “transition processes” which is according to them our position (being a contractual employee) is co-terminus to the outgoing president of the republic. Probably, siguro!.

However, after a month or two, some of the terminated contractuals were recalled, but I was not included in the list of the lucky fellows. Why? I don’t know… I even think of myself – maybe I might not be working well…, hmm… if that’s the case, no bad feeling at all, maybe its my fault… But what makes me grapple my teeth was, I’ve heard some rumors that in order to be recalled, you need to have somebody you’re “close with” or something “that might back you up in” (i.e. the director, the executive assistant and a certain driver but NOT the division heads and even the assistant director – better not to ask why).

You need to be a “kamag-anak” (a relative) or “ina-anak” or somebody they can control to… discouraging. I even heard somebody saying “para daw walang MAG-INGAY”!.

Anyway, I should not be affected too much. According to the book that I’ve red, nothing good will happen if I’ll cling to those happenings…i agree. Now I moved on.

June 30, 2010 was my last day at that box, June 31 was holiday. July 1, 2010, I started to work at the new box. I’m glad God doesn’t allow me to be spare.

I was working very well in this new box, learned many things, visited different places and met different people.

During my stay at this box (second box from that old one), I explored employment possibilities, submitted applications to some respectable organizations, until one night, one good friend informed me about the employment opportunity… where I quickly grab it.

I am in my new box now (third box). Actually this is my first day, I have nothing to do yet, no briefing, no orientation… because all the people concern about it was on official travel except that friendly lady which i think an admin assistant. However, I’m trying to make my day… “my first day” productive. Ehemm… That’s why, here I am writing for anything.

I do hope God is leading my way in this new box, I actually asked this to Him, and now that I have it, I would like to dedicate it to HIM.
LORD help me in this new box, give me wisdom, knowledge, and help me deliver better and meet their expectations (of this new box) to me. Honestly, I can do nothing without you, so please help me GOD.


About Mon

Edmon Agron or "Mon" as his friends call him, is a fan of innovation and development. He loves reading and writing, and spends most of his spare time exploring the world of technology. Mon is an avid student of life and forever learner. He run and manage where he learned SEO and web development.


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