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Openning Blocked Facebook and Youtube the Easy Way

As i go along with my IT buddies, I learned new information everyday from them. Yesterday as we started our conversation about the restrictions in our web server in the office, I found a very interesting thing that might also be useful in your daily chores, and that’s I would like it to share. However, lets always remember that in everything, be responsible and I’m not liable in any effect that might result if you do it to halt your productivity in your workplace. Continue reading

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Identifying Malicious Email Sender: The Easy Way

I was inspired to do research on this matter due to an incident that dragged my employment in one of the Bureau of the Department of Agriculture. There were malicious emails (they call it poison letter) sent to everybody degrading the authority of the top management. As a result all contractual employees were terminated. Tsk…Tsk. … Continue reading

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