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About this website:

Is a personal journal that features my remarkable experiences, masterpieces both for photography and articles written.

As you can see, most of the articles featured here are derived from my official output during my employment. They are very informative. Aimed to make us all aware on the things that are happening around us particularly in the field of agriculture, agribusiness and health research.

I hope that these information will somehow help us not only to be aware but to become more productive and healthy citizen and most importantly to become an advocacy of development for our country.

NOTE: All articles and photograph are originally created and owned by e-agron not unless it is stated.


About the Author:

Friends know him as simple, silent and timid.

He grown as farmer, fisherman, vendor, boy/assistant, etc., making him exposed in variety of experiences, gained knowledge and skills. He is known for his diligence, patience, hardworking and dedication to work.

He exposed in variety of working environments, including video editing, lay-out and designing, database programming (MS access as back end) as well as web designing. He also worked as inventory analyst.

However this time, he is a full-time development journalist.


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