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Role of IP for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products highlighted in a seminar


Atty. Elizabeth R. Pulumbarit (left inset), legal counsel of the UP Manila, serves as the resource speaker for the 6th BAR Seminar Series held at DA-BAR.

Providing knowledge on the basic and salient features of intellectual property rights (IPR) and its role for the sustainability of research and development (R&D) in the country particularly on health food with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical components, a seminar titled, “IP management for Nutraceiutical and Pharmaceutical” was organized and conducted by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR). The BAR Seminar, which is the sixth of a series for this year, was held on 28 of May 2009 at RDMIC Bldg., Visayas Ave., Diliman Quezon City.

IPR is a specific legal right on the ownership of certain creation of mind such as musical literacy , artistic work , inventions, symbols , images and designs used in commerce including copyright , trade marks , patents & related rights. Under this law, the creator of such work has an exclusive right to control, reproduce and/or adapt it for a certain purpose over a period of time. It also enable its owner to reap commercial benefits from his/her creative efforts and to protect it against unauthorized imitation, copying or deceptive usage of identifying marks.

The semiar resource speaker was Atty. Elizabeth R. Pulumbarit, legal counsel of the University of the Phillipines Manila.

In her presentation, she explained nutraceutical as dietary suppliments or health foods isolated or purified from foods demonstrated to have a physiological benefits or provide protection against chronic disease while phamaceuticals are refered to medicine or drugs intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical are products or outputs of research and development (R&D) which are threatened for abuse by unauthorize immitation, reproduction, and deceptive usage of such research output through the widespread access of information as result of advancement in technology.

The BAR Seminar presented the basic features on IPR as provided under Republic Act No. 8293 also known as Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines which is crucial in maintaining the sustainability of R&D in the country. It also provides corollary benefits in the pursuit of knowledge as output from universities and other educational institutions.

The seminar was attended by researchers, scientists, and representatives from different state colleges and universities, private institutions, and other bureaus and attached agencies of the Department of Agriculture.

Participants were provided with practical tips, digests of IPR jurisprudence decided by the Supreme Court, and lessons learned from actual cases related to IPR in the domestic pharmaceutical industry dealing with the funding, development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals.

Atty. Pulumbarit emphasized that IPR law is actually helpful not only for safety purposes as in the case of pharmaceutical but also to save money by not engaging a redundant research which are actually capital-intensive due to long term research process that require a lot of investment that can be determined through the IPR office.

Types of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyright, and designs were also discussed.

IPR is a balancing act that plays an important role in rapidly increasing areas of resarch from the internet to health care to nearly all aspects of science, technology, literature and the arts. Its results actually surround us in nearly everything we do at home, school, during rest time, and even during playtime. Thus, the need to increase awareness concluded Atty. Pulumbarit.


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