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Global trends in food industry highlighted at PAFT 48th Annual Convention


Defense Secretary Gilbert C. Teodoro, guest speaker during the PAFT Convention, visits the BAR booth and graces a photo op with BAR staff members from TCU, IRU and ACD.

To reassess the Philippine food industry in view of the worldwide economic recession and new international food safety regulations vis-à-vis to the global trends of the food industry, the Philippine Association of Food Technologists (PAFT) conducted its 48th Annual Convention at Heritage Hotel, Manila on 21-25 September 2009, with the theme “Reshaping the Food Industry -A Perspective for the Next Decade”.

The event emphasizes the role of food technologists to ensure national food security by providing appropriate technologies – considering affordability, yet nutritious dietary requirements – that would empower food production and the food service industries to respond appropriately to the global challenges of food security, quality and safety.

Attending the event were Mr. Nandu Nandkishore, CEO of Nestle Philippines who served as keynote speaker, Hon Gilberto C. Teodoro, secretary of the National Defense, Dr. Ramon M. Quesada, executive director of Business Economics Club, Mr Simplicio P. Umali Jr., president and general manager of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Mr Sudip Mall, president and general manager of Kraft Foods Philippines, other industry leaders, experts and student fellows in the academe as well as a multitude of representatives from the different private food and non-food industries.

Highlighting the event were the informative, on-time and relevant seminars covering a wide range of topics such as, innovations on food ingredients, organic agriculture, “green” manufacturing practices, nanotechnology, affordable nutrition, food safety, nutricosmetics, pre and pro-biotics, laboratory diagnosis of food-borne pathogens, consumerizing health and nutrition, practical tips on marketing, and the different laws and policies that might have possible impact on the Philippine food industry.

An exhibit that showcased food and non-food innovative products were also included in the events.

According to Mr. Marty M. Panganiban, PAFT President, the event could serve as a venue for learning, sharing of experiences, technical information and strategic knowledge for the industry to grow and become stronger to prevail over the complex challenges concerning global food security, safety and the environmental sustainability.

Mr. Panganiban emphasized the need to create more products to cater to the demand supporting the trend of a “greener” and “healthier” lifestyle as shown by the proliferation of health oriented products, both food and non-food in the market. There is an increasing number of consumers that require a healthier alternative anchored on the virtue of natural and organic foods and the growing awareness of the important role of proper nutrition in achieving physical fitness and wellness.

The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) sponsored the event to give support as a staunch ally of progressive institutions and organizations in reaching the goals of food security and sufficiency, alleviate poverty and sustain economic growth in the country.


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