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The 2011 Challenge – My Attitude

As I look back and remember what had happened to me in 2010, I can’t refuse to see those regrets, angers, bitterness, unfortunate moments, weaknesses, false hopes, etc.  – though there were also good turn outs – happy moments, bad to good occurrences, blessing in disguised, love, inspirational and a lot of “positive spirits” — there are mountains of things I wish I could change this coming 2011.

First of all is my attitude. If you were not happy of what you are today, the tendency is the good things will be covered by those bad ones. Just like what had happened to me. I am very much focus to the things I didn’t achieve, to the job that I didn’t get and to every failures that I had yesterday — that is now continually destroying my overall personality — I want to settle this myself, to overcome the most powerful enemy of mine – “myself”.

Lately, I just came to realized that every individual is facing same struggles every day, I mean, there is nobody exempted to fail, we are all meant to experience failures. Even those great individuals in the history had experienced it. I know you know some of them. Abraham Lincoln for example, had failed in his business, failed for legislature, failed for congress, failed for Senate, failed for Vice President but had became a President of the United States in 1860. Failure is a process that I know I have to go through, I am not saying that I am going to be president like him but he experienced failures and eventually overcomes it by redirecting his attitudes.

The challenge to me now is how I am going to convert those failures into an opportunity window for success. Probably you can say it’s very simple, learned from your failures – yes I know that long time ago but it doesn’t work, I even call it “Tuition Fee” because just like students have to pay tuition fees to get to school to learn. I want to add to that formula, that aside from learning from failures, our “attitude toward everything matters the most” because it fuels our mind and our emotions. This 2011 I want to rule over myself – my attitude.


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Edmon Agron or "Mon" as his friends call him, is a fan of innovation and development. He loves reading and writing, and spends most of his spare time exploring the world of technology. Mon is an avid student of life and forever learner. He run and manage where he learned SEO and web development.


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