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Openning Blocked Facebook and Youtube the Easy Way

As i go along with my IT buddies, I learned new information everyday from them.

Yesterday as we started our conversation about the restrictions in our web server in the office, I found a very interesting thing that might also be useful in your daily chores, and that’s I would like it to share. However, lets always remember that in everything, be responsible and I’m not liable in any effect that might lower your productivity in your workplace.

Basically, our administrators or our bosses in the office want us to be productive not only for the sake of the company but also for your personal development as an individual. They taught us to accomplished things.

This might be the very reason why they are blocking the facebook and youtube during office hours and open it only between 12:00 – 1:00 during lunchtime.

Facebook and youtube according to studies, halt the productivity of the offices not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

In fact even without these researches we can prove ourselves that we Pilipinos really love doing this “pamatay oras things” most of the time more than doing the work assigned to us. I personally prove that.

Paano ba naman kasi, via these social networks, it tickles our worldly nature… we always want entertainment. It’s good, if its used for information sake or way of learning things but out of curiosity it will consumed and wastes our time the whole day. The worst thing is you even forget the very important thing your boss reminded you early morning today… Tsk…tsk.. Yan, katakut-takot na sermon lagot!

So much of it, this is what I wanna share. You can open the facebook, youtube and any other website even if it is blocked in your server. How to do this? This is through the help of Ultrasurf.

First, download the ultrasurf installer by clicking the free download button in this site Ultrasurf then save it everywhere you want in your local machine.

Go to your downloaded files and extract it. Because you downloaded the zip file you need to extract it by right clinking on the file and select extract. You will be prompted to where you wanna place the extracted files.

After extracting, double click the icon that you were extracted. That’s the executable file for this matter. However, if you have the active anti-virus such as sophos, kaspersky and others they tend to stop the installation so you need to temporarily stop them when you use this program. This is how you do it.

For windows XP go to “start” select “control panel” then in the control panel section select the “performance and maintenance” and select “administrative tools”. In the administrative tools window double click the “services” icon then find the antivirus of your system. In my case, I used Sophos, so I selected sophos antivirus, right click on it and point your mouse cursor on the “all task” drop down menu and click on “stop”. Remember, you need to resume this service as soon as you finish in your surfing using the ultrasurf.

Go back in the installation, double click the ultrasurf icon and wait until you read “Successfully connected to server” in the status bar of the ultrasurf window as it is shown in the photos above. Then got it, you can now search anything now in the web. Hurry open your internet browser and try it. Please make a comment if you made it.

Remember, be responsible. Enjoy!


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Edmon Agron or "Mon" as his friends call him, is a fan of innovation and development. He loves reading and writing, and spends most of his spare time exploring the world of technology. Mon is an avid student of life and forever learner. He run and manage where he learned SEO and web development.


One thought on “Openning Blocked Facebook and Youtube the Easy Way

  1. great, it works!

    Posted by drupal | December 14, 2010, 8:31 am

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