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Nueva Vizcaya CPAR farmers celebrate field day


Four months after it’s launching, the corn-based CPAR (Community-base Participatory Action Research) project of farmers from Boliwao/Nalubbunan held its first public viewing through farmers’ field day on 19 March 2009 in Nalubbunan, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya.

The activity commenced with visits to different farm components; the high value commercial vegetables, goat and duck pen in nearby farms, and the high-yield promising corn field which is the main highlight of the project.

After the field visit, a program was held wherein Mr. Alex Domingo, provincial CPAR coordinator of Nueva Vizcaya, presented the overview of the project, their experiences and the opportunities brought by CPAR to their place. He also shared the different technologies that were used: soil analysis, variety or quality seed selection, site specific nutrients management (SSNM), and proper planting density for corn; biological pest control (earwigs) for vegetables; and breeding, health management, feeding management and the construction of low-cost housing for goat and duck production.

Mr. Domingo further explained that although CPAR is not a new program, it is still innovative as it aims to intensify the total productivity of their local farmers through adaptation of the introduced technologies (corn, vegetables, livestock and poultry production). It also encourages and capacitates them to undertake more appropriate farming enterprises and to further increase their income.

Mrs. Julia Licayan, one of the farmer cooperators, testifies about the increase of her income. “I used to get an income of P10,000 from my one hectare corn field per cropping, but now with the help of CPAR project, I earned up to P38,000 for this cropping season alone” Mrs. Licayan said as she presented the cost and return analysis of her farm – a model farm for this project. She also realized that corn production could be integrated with other farm technologies and commodities like high value commercial vegetables, goat and duck production that she never knew before.

Attending the program were Orlando Lorenzana, manager of Cagayan Valley Institute of Agricultural Research Center (CVIARC) and Rodolfo Fernandez, BAR coordinator for Region 2 who gave their words of encouragement and support to the project. Quezon municipal mayor Aurelio Salun-At, expressed his optimism during his speech by saying that CPAR is important in uplifting the living standard of the farmer or even the whole municipality.

The collaborative effort of DA-CVIARC, farmer cooperators, provincial and the local government as well as the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) which provided the funding, made this project a success.


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